Global Credit Services: A passion for insight

There’s no substitute for the seasoned, real-world experience of live analysts. Global Credit Services analysts are retail gurus — their passion is the thrill of the hunt, meticulous analysis is part of their personality make-up. And, that explains their success helping clients view exposures and credit risks from every angle. Anybody can generate reports. We generate long-term, insightful client relationships.

Analyze. Consult. Report.

When it involves a company’s credit-worthiness, our analysts become dogged credit detectives. By all means consult with them directly as needed. Operating performance? Liquidity? Capital adequacy? Same-store sales? Name your stat, we dig deeper on hundreds of companies to report the entire, unfiltered story. And we do it all with ClearPath Analyst Insights — continuously.

Plus, Analyst Insights provides direct contact with our professional Analysts. Talk with them, email them, attend their live, interactive webinars, and gain a valuable added perspective that only personal contact can achieve.

Portfolio Management Tools

Create an unlimited number of portfolios — any way you choose. Segment by industry, by geography, by analyst, management team, or line of business, you’re in complete control. And, add your own monthly trade file as a separate portfolio. Use sorting, filtering and grouping tools to create custom views to review all critical data elements by portfolio. Identify, quantify, and limit risk for specific segments of your accounts, and turn your exception credit risk analysis into a quick and efficient process.

Data Feeds for Monitored Companies

ClearPath Insights provides all the data you’ll ever need for credit decision making. Data feeds include business news, financial statements, public-records information, SEC filings, agency ratings, bond characteristics and ratings, stock prices, even currency exchange rates, and hundreds of pre-calculated financial ratios.

Let’s get specific.

Our Analysts apply their market wisdom to report on the topics you need to build your most informed opinions, recommendations and decisions.
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