Global Credit Services: A passion for insight

Additional Reports

The depth of financial information and insight at clients’ fingertips is remarkable. Here are some examples of reports available to clients:

  • Company Reports

    GCS Ratings

    Composite score and scores for individual scoring components displayed for the three most recent year-over-year periods; profitability and ROI statistics included

  • Fundamentals

    Downloadable five-year history of Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements displayed as Year-to-Date, Sequential Quarters and Current Quarters in USD and foreign reporting currency

  • Key Ratios

    Multiple-period comparison (quarterly or annually) of almost 300 calculated credit ratios

  • Bond Information

    Maturity date, offering amount, amount outstanding, debt type, coupon type, callable, Rule 144A, and ratings

  • Related Companies

    Global Credit Services’s related company hierarchy information

  • Additional Reports

    Various essential topics and reports to enlighten your financial analysis

  • Custom Company Reports

    Seamlessly integrate content from widely-used reports, and optionally add and archive your own report-related comments

    Trade Reports

  • Rolling Trade

    Lines of trade from most recent accounts receivable information provided to Global Credit Services (suppliers are anonymous)

  • Payment Analysis

    Trade payment detail including trend analysis, distribution of payables by terms, and history of trade payment experience

    Portfolio Reports

  • Overview

    View portfolio by various data elements including Global Credit Services' scores and ratings, owings, credit line guideline, agency ratings and net worth metrics; additional functionality includes drag and drop, sorting, filtering, and grouping to create custom views

  • Risk Distribution

    Risk profile of portfolio companies displayed by credit line and owings; distribution as a bar chart and in tabular form.

  • History

    Quarterly score history for the most recent three years for all portfolio companies, shown as a graph and in tabular form

  • Public Records

    Public record information – liens, suits, judgments and bankruptcies – for portfolio companies

  • A/R Data

    Accounts receivable data for all accounts with filtering and sorting tools; monthly update and report archive

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